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Why Choose Events With A Twist?

Fun, friendly, and knowledgeable staff

Our staff at Events With a Twist is youthful, friendly and fun! We make sure your guests enjoy themselves and do everything we can to ensure it.

We understand that at the heart of every event are the people who run it. Of course it's important to provide bar staff who are great at their jobs, but that's not enough for us. Not only are we great at what we do - we're great people too!


We're fully licensed and insured - and we do mean fully.

Events With a Twist is licensed both within the City of Las Vegas and Unincorporated Clark County. Why two licenses?

Legally, Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip each fall into two separate jurisdictions, each requiring its own license. Many bartending servicess only carry one license or the other (or worse, neither!) while we carry both.

Our licenses also allow us to sell alcohol at events, making us a great option for events requiring a cash bar.

State law also requires all event staff to carry special work cards to comply with health codes and liquor license regulations. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to full compliance with the law.

On top of all that, we are one of very few 'liquid catering' companies in Las Vegas that carries a five million dollar ($5,000,000) liability insurance policy. Not only does this make Events With a Twist ready for even the largest of events, but our policy allows us to work where other companies can't - including events on the Las Vegas Strip.

No venue? No problem!

Through our years in business, we've developed working relationships with many event venues in the Las Vegas area. If you're having problems finding the right venue for your event, or if you're just starting on your venue search, we can help find the best location for your event based on location, size or budget.

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